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Toronto Preventive Dentist Protects Your Smile

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Preventive dentistry drives our approach to your care. Recent studies have reinforced the importance of good dental health, proving that the health of the mouth affects the health of the entire body. The team at Dentistry @ 1881 can help your teeth retain their natural beauty throughout your lifetime and provide all the additional benefits that preventive dentistry offers.

Our Preventive Dentistry

Dental Exams: Regular examinations allow us to complete focused assessments of your teeth and gums. Each visit includes screenings for cavities, gum disease, and oral cancer. In time, even patients with the best oral hygiene may develop dental problems. This helps us pinpoint and treat these problems early before they have time to jeopardize your health. You’ll feel confident knowing that your oral care is well managed by our competent and caring staff.

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Periodontal Care: Our patients often know that gum disease can cause tooth loss. They’re right. Periodontal, or gum, disease causes more tooth extractions and tooth loss than any other single cause. But patients may be surprised to learn of the potential link between periodontal disease and systemic conditions such as heart disease, strokes, and diabetes. Professional hygiene and gum therapy will help you to prevent periodontal disease and its many consequences.

Children’s Dentistry: Children are always welcome in our office. Our younger patients delight in our fun decor and our extensive toy collection, and their parents appreciate our sensitive and thorough care. We start educating our patients about children’s teeth as soon as they become parents. Diet and at-home care are crucial to eliminate decay entirely in children under our care.

Please call us today if you would like to schedule a preventive dentistry appointment. Dr. Janet Tamo sees patients from Toronto, Oakville, Mississauga, Scarborough, Markham, and other Ontario communities. If this will be your first visit to Dentistry @ 1881, please take a moment to review our FAQ page, which lists helpful information about our dental practice.